Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance: The importance of protecting your cargo

Once you have carefully crafted your international transaction, you don’t need anything to jeopardize the deal. When you purchase cargo insurance from us you are assured the best coverage door to door with the most competitive rates.Because we are arranging and controlling the movement of your cargo, we know exactly what level of coverage you need and can provide it without gaps or overlapping coverage.

No advance premium deposit will be required when you use our cargo insurance you pay for what you need.

Here are some other benefits of obtaining insurance through Worldwide Express, Inc.

For most commodities, we can offer “All Risk” insurance, the broadest form of coverage for most commodities.

Physical loss or damage as a result of transit is covered.

Insurance is underwritten by ROANOKE ****************
backed       by Lloyds of London

We specialize in cargo insurance vs. dealing with a general business insurer with limited knowledge

Worldwide Express, Inc.handles the claim process, so you don’t have to. The fact that we have immediate access to your cargo documents accelerates the reporting process and ultimate settlement of your claim.

You deal with a known entity based in the US and you paid in the US vs. foreign settlement with excise tax deducted from your settlement amount.

There is prompt claim resolution.  There is no need for you to argue with carriers.

Our corporate volume drives extremely competitive rates for you.

Please contact our Transportation Team for more information on our insurances services at

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