Trucking Services from Worldwide Express….

Worldwide Express, Inc. can handle a variety of domestic & international trucking services to suit your needs. Currently we offer our customers FTL, LTL & Flat bed trucking services within the 48 states, Canada & Mexico.

By outlining our expectations, we are ensured that we are providing a domestic service that is second to none. Additionally, we monitor and maintain current proof of valid cargo liability insurance for each qualifying carrier. This protects you. Next, we consider pricing.

Our core carriers must be proven performers in service and price. Because of the large volume of cargo that we move, we are able to negotiate excellent discounts, which we are in turn able to pass on to our customers. As a result, our customers enjoy the benefits of superior service as well as discounted pricing. As we continue to strive for excellence, we look forward to offering additional automated features that will allow our customers to see real-time status information on their cargo.

Check back with us for future enhancements.

In a Global World We Offer One Stop Shipping

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